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Original Artwork by Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard is a Sierra Foothills visual artist embracing a host of themes as a painter, including the environment, quality of life, culture, roots, spirituality and evolution, through various water-based media. His art reflects both his joy and passion for the creation of art and his life in general. The work also maintains a sense of regionalism associated with the Sierra and Sierra foothills area. He does this as a channel of sacred geometries which are blends of detailed realism and abstractions based on his understanding of earth science, natural science and ecology, and spiritual transmissions. Mark embraces his own personal culture, which is a blend of German, Scandinavian, Scotch-Irish and native American callings. He encourages us to return to and learn from our cultural heritages in an attempt to reconnect with our Spirit, our bodies and the planet we live on. It is a journey of heart and soul that he invites his viewers to take, as if we connect with and understand ourselves, and quest to understand our purpose on earth, we live in harmony and balance with all around us. The paintings have universal purpose. They have a presence and can be used as meditation tools.

As a photographer, Mark captures the essence of nature and soul of history in his focus on everyday details.

“Art is one of the greatest meditations in life: both the doing and the viewing.  There is a spirituality here that is free of baggage and can be taken into any aspect of your life.”- Mark Goddard

Mark graduated from C.S.U. East Bay in 1987 with a degree in Fine Art and Minor studies in Geology and German Language & Literature. He, his wife and two boys live currently in the town of Shingle Springs, California.

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  1. December 15, 2009 5:39 am

    I love your blog! This is so amazing. You have a gift!!!!! When and how can the world BUY your incredible work? I want it on my walls. T-shirts. Mugs. Murals. 🙂

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